Shur-Flex Portable In-Street Pedestrian Signs

All our pedestrian safety systems are built to withstand multiple bumper impacts from a motor vehicle. With the RB-35 Portable Base base and panel options, you can customize the system when a movable In-Street Crosswalk Sign is required. When maintenance is needed, the system allows for the restoration of any individual component eliminating the cost of a full replacement.


  • Utilizes the patented Shur-Flex® system
  • Multiple hit & self-righting
  • Deploys rapidly, easily repositioned
  • Premium uv inhibitor for long lasting color
  • Each component independently replaceable
  • Meets MUTCD and state DOT regulations.
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The Shur-Flex In-Street Pedestrian Sign is an innovative solution designed to enhance pedestrian safety on roads and crosswalks. Combining durability, visibility, and ease of installation, this sign is an effective tool for traffic management and pedestrian awareness.

Key Takeaways:
  • Versatility: A completely movable unit means it can be easily repositioned as needed. This versatility allows for temporary setups in different locations, catering to changing pedestrian traffic patterns, events, or construction projects.

  • Quick Deployment: Being movable implies that the unit can be deployed rapidly without the need for extensive installation processes. This quick deployment feature is crucial for emergency situations or when immediate pedestrian safety measures are required.

  • Adaptability: The ability to move the unit enables it to adapt to evolving safety requirements. For example, it can be relocated to address pedestrian safety concerns in specific areas or to accommodate changes in traffic flow.

  • Efficient Maintenance: Movable units may facilitate easier access for maintenance tasks. If a component requires repair or replacement, the unit can be relocated to a maintenance area, minimizing disruption to pedestrian traffic and reducing downtime.

  • Scalability: Movable units offer scalability options, allowing for the addition or removal of units based on changing needs. This scalability ensures that pedestrian safety measures can be adjusted to match fluctuations in pedestrian volume or changes in infrastructure.

  • Crosswalk Safety: Enhance safety at crosswalks by alerting drivers to pedestrian crossings and encouraging them to yield to pedestrians.
  • School Zones: Install the Shur-Flex sign near schools and educational institutions to improve safety for students and pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian Walkways: Use the sign to designate pedestrian walkways and promote safe pedestrian practices in urban areas.