SHUR-TITE® Products Company manufactures highway safety products for use on the modern highway system under the brand names SHUR-TITE®, SHUR-FLEX®, and SHUR-CURB®. Recycling innovation and labor sensitive design are paramount to the production of our environmentally friendly products. We offer a product line that includes delineators, channelizers, object markers, traffic separator curbs, mailbox support assemblies, and small sign supports.


The SHUR-TITE® Socket System is a universal anchor for the single, double, and multiple mailbox support assemblies, the “Texas” delineator, and is FHWA approved as a breakaway sign support for signs up to 10 square feet. The composition of the Socket System is a non-corrosive thermoplastic material deemed to have a field life expectancy of 50 years. The composition of the Socket System makes it an excellent alternative for use in corrosive environments.


We offer two options for ground-mount delineators. We have a driveable or one that can be installed using concrete. When our ground-mount delineators are impacted and need replacing, a new post can be installed in less than a minute. This quick replacement feature minimizes traffic exposure improving the safety of roadway maintenance personnel.


Our single, double, and multiple mailbox installations feature this same quick-change replacement attribute. The SHUR-TITE® mailbox installations also feature a secure easy to install non-corrosive bracket.


Our new line of products, SHUR-FLEX® and SHUR-CURB®, offer a flexible insert component approach that is unsurpassed for self-righting and durability.


Our commitment to using recycled materials has resulted in our using over 400,000 lbs. of recycled tire crumb rubber and over 2,500,000 lbs. of recycled thermoplastic in our products.


SHUR-TITE® products have a proven record of performance in the field and are used in numerous states and foreign countries.


In 2005, not one SHUR-TITE® Delineator was lost during Hurricane Rita although several thousand were installed in the Beaumont, Texas area which took the brunt of the Storm.