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About Us

Shur-Tite® Products is an industry leader in the design of highway safety products for use on our modern highway system. All our products are developed with a sensitivity to labor costs and provide an environmentally friendly design using recycled materials.  We are constantly searching for product ideas to maximize the visibility of the roadway and increase public safety.
Our focus on providing superior service begins with the ability to have a Regional Manager on site for the initial installations of the product. We have found that the customer experience is heightened by being available to answer questions or just lend a hand when crews are trying to become familiar with our new technology. We also provide excellent customer service with our top-notch office staff who are there to answer questions or connect you with the right individual and complete your requests in a timely manner.
Over the last several years, many State Agencies have re-dedicated themselves to being more innovative, effective and efficient. 
Shur-Tite Products prides itself in being a proven partner in transportation practices. Our mission is to decrease motor vehicle incidents while increasing your efficiency with our labor-saving product designs.

We have provided effective guidance devices to the transportation industry for over 15 years and are relied upon in over 40 states and 5 countries worldwide. We continue to offer fresh ideas and new ways to approach opportunities brought to our attention by the men and women serving in the traffic industry. New products are developed by taking a practical approach to problem solving, gathering information and incorporating overall life-cycle costs into the final design methods. 


For prospective customers, our promise to you is that we will earn your trust and confidence over time through hard work and providing a product line that will satisfy your need for durability, versatility and affordability.

We truly appreciate our loyal customers whom have given us the opportunity to serve them over the last 18+ years.  

Thank You
Darrell Heald, President



Kaimon Ontiveros is our Inside Sales Support for Shur-Tite products.  Kaimon's daily activities included inside sales and marketing. He attended Fort Lewis College and Angelo State University on a football scholarship and studied Kinesiology.  He enjoys a good round of golf, reading, and music. (both listening and writing)  If you're feeling up to it, bring your sports trivia, he'll passionately give you a run for your money!

Aesia Woody is our Director of Operations, helping keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly from behind the scenes.  Outside of the office, Aesia is mom to daughter Leiliana and son Benjamin.  In her free time, Aesia enjoys spending time with her family, reading and loves traveling to new places.  She has a degree in psychology so don't try to get one past her, she'll be ready.  Give the office a call and Aesia will be ready to greet you with that expected Shur-Tite customer service.